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Tag: photography while social distancing

5 safest ways to practice photography during a pandemic

We can’t stay inside forever. In this video, I talk about 5 safe times and places you can practice your photography outside while social distancing and avoiding people. I know some places are opening up again and others are staying Read more…

How I do photography while social distancing / Pandemic diary of a Washington DC photographer

In this video, I share what a typical day is like for me during this pandemic. Photography in 2020 is so different than 2019! I have found ways to continue doing photography while slowing down, enjoying nature and of course, Read more…

5 ways I’ll work on my photography while social distancing

What are your social distancing plans? As photographers, we all love to get outside and shoot. But at times like these, we might find ourselves having to stay outside and ride out the storm. How can we improve ourselves, grow Read more…