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How To Photograph Jewelry Using a Smart Phone (Jewellery Photography)

Want to take better photos of your jewellery using affordable techniques and your smart phone? Join our jewellery photography tutor Karen Young in this short video covering some top tips on…

– Lighting your photo
– Recommended apps and how to use them
– Using a macro lense
– Reflectors
– The importance of a tripod and timers
– Styling tips
And much more

And join us for the 7 day Jewellery Photography Challenge taking place Monday 4th-11th November 2019…

Sign up on this link to get full access to the challenge, including daily tips, prompts and inspiration to improve your jewellery photography this time of year when Christmas sales and taking off.

See you over on the challenge and best of luck with your mobile jewellery photography

Jess xx

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