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ഈച്ചകോപ്പി || Mobile Photography and Editing Tutorial Malayalam || Episode 17

ഈച്ചകോപ്പി || Mobile Photography and Editing Tutorial

In this series I’m trying to recreate other photographers photo 😉

Harinarayanan (@hari_narayanan__ ) :

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My Camera & Accessories 👇🏻

Canon 80D with 18-135mm Lens :
50mm 1.8 Lens :
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Gorillapod for Mobile :
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Budget Tripod :

Toys that I use for Photography (Amazon link) 👇🏻

Bench Couple :
Volkswagen Car :
Mini Scooter :
Volkswagen Van :
Mini Bear dolls :
Cartoon figurines :
Miniature dog :
Sweet couple :
Baby Groot :
Minions :

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